If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you will know by now that I may have a slightly unhealthy obsession with quirky cocktail bars… Luckily for me (not my liver or bank account), London is the perfect place to quench my thirst, as it’s jam-packed full of amazing venues. If you’re tired of two-for-one jugs of Woo-Woo from Wetherspoons, or sick of looking at your local’s threadbare carpet, check out my comprehensive list of tried and tested cocktail bars guaranteed to spice up your drinking life. What’s more – I’ll keep updating this one as and when I visit more bars I think you’d like (this gives me a great excuse to keep spending all my disposable income on cocktails… it’s research… right?!)


Nestled in the heart of Mayfair under an unassuming black sign, Purl is my absolute favourite and go-to bar. It has the most creative cocktail menu I have ever seen, which changes seasonally so you can never get bored of it! The ambience is discreet and cosy, with lots of comfy sofas and chairs tucked away dark corners, perfect for a first date or a catch-up with friends after work. If you have a larger group, there are several booths under low vaulted ceilings which keep the intimacy, while giving you a little more room to socialise. The decor is beautiful – think prohibition era high-society study – and they play contemporary music with a lean towards swing/jazz/blues, which fits in with the theme perfectly. If you want to get a table here, book, or arrive early.

Full of cosy corners to share some intimate moments!
My favourite cocktail at Purl
My favourite cocktail at Purl – served with a “detonated orange” (Photo credit: Purl)
Purl's beautiful cocktails
Purl bringing the drama with their beautiful cocktail menu (Photo credit: Purl)As featured on Lizzie’s Restless Feet in June 2018. To see original article click here.