The Pietersens are a very high acheiving family; Kevin is a world class cricketer who has captained his country and Bryan is an internationally renowned bar consultant and bar operator, heading up one of London’s most famous experimental cocktail bars, Purl in Marylebone. At the launch of their new joint venture, Purl @ Rubi in Surbiton, South London – we caught up with the guys to see what makes London such a special place for them.


The new Purl is set to be a feast of amazing cocktails, whilst upstairs Rubi will serve some great treats!

What would you say your favourite dinner spot is in London?

Bryan: Il Barreto; it’s a great Italian between Marylebone High Street and Baker Street – really nice.

Kevin: Zuma without a doubt, I love Japanese food!

So what about drinks? Apart from Purl and Rubi of course…

Bryan: Easy, The American Bar at The Savoy.

Kevin: That’s a tough one…I’d have to go for Brinkley’s in Chelsea. Great if you love a good glass of red wine.

You guys must be out and about quite a lot. What’s your perfect night out in London?

Bryan: I’d have to start with dinner at Il Barreto, then move onto Purl for a few cocktails (no bias), then have a few bottles of vodka in a club. Yeah, that sounds good.

Kevin: I can’t resist a good BBQ to be honest. Then I’d probably just follow it up with some chilled drinks at home!

Ok, lets get specific. What’s your favourite drink?

Bryan: Negroni for me.

Kevin: The Chocolate Block, it’s a stunning red wine.

What advice would you give a tourist visiting London?

Bryan: Haha, bring a lot of spending money; London’s not cheap.

Kevin: Well there is so much to see and do, so bring a good pair of comfy shoes for walking.

If we took a look at your iPod, what would be the most played track?

Bryan: Anything by Jay-Z, the man is a musical genius!

Kevin: Nothing in particular. I’m really into funky house, so it’d be a good mixture of that.

This is a big one. Who is your hero?

Bryan: Dan Bilzerian, the guy is an absolute legend! I guess you’d say he was a professional poker player, but he’s also been in the army and been a stuntman – and he’s only 30! A lot to live up to.

Kevin: It has to be a cricketer. Former South Africa captain Hansie Cronje, great player.

What would you save from a fire? (people not included).

Bryan: My triathalon bike; lots of memories.

Kevin: My iPhone I think, I’d probably be lost without it!

What makes London unique for you?

Bryan: The history mainly I think, so much has happened here…and of course the royal family. Nowhere else can boast anything quite like it.

Kevin: For me it’s the capital of the world. It’s also one of the most stunning cities in the world too, great views and architecture.

Is there anywhere in London that you’ve never visited, but always wanted to?

Bryan: Buckingham Palace for sure, there is so much history attached to it. I’d love to be able to say I’ve been inside.

Kevin: The London Eye; I’ve had a lot of friends rave about it – and I do love a good view.

What makes a great bar for you?

Bryan: Easy, it all boils down to three things. Great drinks, great service and a great vibe. Something I pride myself on with my bars.

Kevin: Being in the public eye, I like somewhere with some privacy. Great service is a must too, really adds to an evening. Oh yeah, and they have to have good red wine, otherwise I’m out.

Being from outside the UK, what’s your favourite city outside London and why?

Bryan: Dubai is incredible. It’s my favourite place to go on holiday; it has amazing hotels, beautiful beaches, and it is always hot.

Kevin: Melbourne. I’ve had some great personal success there, and I’ve also met a lot of cool people. Great place.

Last one. What’s your favourite bar outside London?

Bryan: Eau-de-Vie in Sydney is a pretty amazing bar. It’s a jazz inspired speakeasy and right up my street.

Kevin: Caramel in Dubai is pretty special. I love it.

So there you have it, that’s thatClick here for more information on the Pietersens’ new bar, Purl @ Rubi.

As featured in Design My Night.