July 2015

Christmas 2015


I hope you are well and have had a great 2015 so far? This year has gone by so quickly I cannot believe we are already talking Christmas parties! We hope to celebrate with you this year at Purl. We have a range of options available from masterclasses, private hire to smaller more intimate parties. [...]

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February 2015

Goodbye Dry January, hello Februlairy!


Well January has flown on by, but was it dry? Here at Purl our Dry January promotion meant you could enjoy the swizzle without the tipple.  Featuring alongside The Boardwalk Empire TV series and the HBO UK, Purl’s mixologists made sweet music of our mocktails such as Big 7 Break and Empty Gun. Just because [...]

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December 2014

December – Chills, thrills, bells, whistles, tinsel and tipple


Whims, Musings and general chit chat from the moustached one. Chills, thrills, bells, whistles, tinsel and tipple, it’s that time of year again to put the twinkle in your toes. Join us for a jig, some jazz and giggle juice this festive season and you’ll be hitting it on all eight! The rumble is, if [...]

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November 2014

July 2014

A new month appears, to be named “WEYAYE”.


To whom it may concern….drink? My fellow sippers how have we been? I trust well. I do hope we have been extra jovial due to this delightful weather that dawns on us when it please. Us chaps here at purl have certainly been bossling through our corridors with an ever so convivial spring in our [...]

A new month appears, to be named “WEYAYE”.2014-07-15T16:31:25+01:00
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