Whims, Musings and general chit chat from the moustached one.

Finally, the lethal spell of rain has bid us farewell, the swine. A much more chipper London is upon us, I mean that’s not to say we’re all bouncing round like the Vontrapps…. it’s still London, but there is a noticeable spring in certain steps. One has been tickling ones innards with more neck oil than usual, thirstAnchory work being a Geordie in the sun. The majority may concur if they wish.

Enough weather hogwash for the current time, lets chat libations and tipples we have at Purl London this month.

We had a great Febulairy, with our live jazz Mondays with Quintessentially vodka “Q-jazz”, not forgetting more live jazz on Wednesdays with Belvedere and Veuve clicquot, “Clique and clarinet”.

Now a new month dawns, I shall bid farewell to parched March.

We have begun crafting signature cocktails for our jazz nights. Q-jazz we have created “The meringue sling” a twist on the classic sling, only this is accompanied with my dear mothers meringue nests, she’s not on the pay roll, just kindly shared some wisdom.

“The blue mule” chased with a square of blue cheese, a truly scrumptious combination.

“Clique and clarinet” see’s us preparing “The Baroness’ board” a trio of champagne all with a different palette tingle.

We all have concupiscent thoughts on a vodka tonic.

Why not try “Our voddy tonic” Belvedere poured over a hand cut piece of ice, with a choice of homemade Bergamot, Kumquat and Thyme tonics, make it taste how you wish my friends.

To mention a few, one is rather parched.
With that, a trip to the local tavern it is.
Til we converse again my fellow sippers…Cheers.
I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.