To all that participated in dry January, cool, happy for ya…now, how about we get back into the swing of things with some lolly-gagging and libation consumption.

We shall name it “Febulairy”!

If some of you didn’t know we have launched a new cocktail menu here at Purl London. To all that haven’t partaken in our new concoctions, QUICK MARCH with haste please.

We have drinks paired with homemade ginger mousse (no essence of my facial furniture I assure you) A tipple bottled and bagged, a tequila pear cider served in a box of smoked hay, barrel aged gin accompanied with orange marmalade candy floss.

The “Nice cup of char” presented on a picnic blanket with a strawberry jam scone.

For you lavish sippers, why not try our “Country Hunt” brought to your table in a vintage hunting case, with an edible forest and sherry steamed venison.

To mention a few I’m sure you’re parched *sips Martinez*
Live music will be complimenting your ears on Mondays as usual, but also some jazz clarinet on Wednesdays.

Purl veteran? Miss the cocktails that were once on the list? Pop into our Pop up attached alongside the Bedford pub in Balham…containing a plethora of our forgotten potions. “Smoky and the Bandit” enhanced with smoked salmon jerky, the original Mr Hyde not forgetting the “Blue blazer” all mixed up by the moustached Saffa.

All in all, at Purl London 2014 we’re cracking on.
And with that, a toast: Here’s to you, here’s to us all.