To whom it may concern….drink?
My fellow sippers how have we been? I trust well.
I do hope we have been extra jovial due to this delightful weather that dawns on us when it please.
Us chaps here at purl have certainly been bossling through our corridors with an ever so convivial spring in our steps.
A new month appears, to be named “WEYAYE” intricately translated from northern to “Certainly”.

We shall witness the launch of “Our treasure”. The Frenchmen and his beautiful partner in crime Manuela, the Italian Shetland will be serving up classic cocktails, all chaperoned by live jazz music.

Book with haste chums.

You will also see the launch of our new adventure, that being ‘rubi’ a coffee shop with a cocktail bar in the basement… we do love our basements.
Sample our scones maybe? Or our own blend of Italian coffee? Or stick to what you know and have a miniature box of cereal….the coco pops are mine!

So as I’m sure you will all concur, an eventful month shall be taking place.

I implore you to join us.

One more thing chums… “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut”.