As a small bar we have a tight knit family & we thought we would introduce you to the folk that make the magic happen at Purl behind the bar & behind the scenes.

We will start with our Assistant Manager, Francesco, who came with us to Purl when we sold our bar, Rubi, in Surbiton.

Frank, when did start your career in the beverage industry?

My first experience in the bar industry was back in 2006.

What made you pursue a career in this industry?

I like to drink. Ha ha. No really, I have Bryan, Purl’s Owner, to thank for encouraging me to take my career in this direction. I came over from Italy and got my first job at his other bar and later on he asked me to move over to Purl where I have worked my way up to being Assistant Manager.

What is it that you like about working behind a bar?

I enjoy the dynamics of the role. I get to interact with people and reflect my personality in the drinks I make.

Your favourite cocktail?


Preferred apparatus?

Mixing glass.