Purl Owner and Director Bryan Pietersen

As I mentioned before we are a small bar, and as with any small business there is a name behind the sign you see swinging at the top of our staircase. So let me introduce you to Bryan Pietersen, one of the Owners & Directors at Purl, who has been around since day dot and seen Purl go from a start up venture to a well-known establishment on London’s drinking scene. These days you may not see him at the bar that often as he is known to be jet-setting off around the globe to consult for clients.


So Bryan, when did you start your career in the beverage industry & how did it come about?
I was living & playing cricket in Nottingham. My friend managed a bar and needed staff. I thought is would be a laugh to show off my not so impressive skills. I really enjoyed it and helped out on a few occasions. The rest is history.

What is it that you like about working in the f&b industry?
Aside from meeting new people, learning the alcohol industry which is fascinating , it has also given me the opportunity to travel the world consulting for some luxury hotel resorts. Namely the One & Only group.

How do you come up with these crazy libations and keep your menus on trend?
I cannot take credit for this. It’s a team effort. We all have a say in what we would like to create keeping in mind Purl’s brand. We have loads of fun creating these crazy drinks especially at menu tastings.

As a bar owner do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the industry?
Back when we first opened our doors to Purl, we had put every pence we had into the project and were living on two minute noodles. We were very quiet for a few months until our determination to succeed awarded us with 5* on Timeout’s website. This industry is not easy, its fasted paced keeping up with trends and it can be an expensive start but if you are determined to do well and work every hour of the day it is very satisfying on a financial level.

Your favourite cocktail would be?
Negroni. Tanqeray 10, Aperol & antic formula.