Friends, drinkers, cocktail sippers… lend me your ears, accompanied by your taste buds for just a brief period of time, I assure to make it worth your while.

A new month dawns upon us once again, a happy month at that, I shall name it “Ye olde Gay….May”.

Ladies and gentleman, a new spring/summer cocktail menu has been released into the realm of molecular. I can say in a very jovial manner, we have a tome of information on what we have created in our new libation catalogue. Let us start with the cocktail of the week “Robana Formula” a scrumptious potion at that. Stirred up by the French man, alias “France” served in a chilled crystal glass… a blend of Chivas, manzanilla sherry and Antica formula reduced with banana… monkey business I know…. *Gently grimace*. On the side, a homemade salted caramel nest with a banana foam bladder.

If alert and not too inebriated, one will see cocktails transported through our corridors in smoking bags, drinks paired with anchovies and chocolate air, fizzy orange calippo’s and the new Mr Hyde formula is certainly to be relished in.

Winter menu Veteran? Does one remember the nice cup of char? Well… it seems it has evolved. If one has been traipsing around the bustling streets of Baker Street… pop your heads into Purl for the afternoon tea cocktail, take a seat and we shall “Bitch the pot” at your table. Tis accompanied by ham and maple sandwiches as well as a rocket and lemon mayonnaise option, not forgetting the meringues injected with coconut and vanilla foam, all served on a ceramic plate with a glass bell.

A few busy weeks in the laboratory I’m sure you’ll agree…resulting in a rather decadent method to get as tight as an owl.

I thank you sincerely for your time, if one has been observing my notes, I’ll be sure to see you very soon, thy steinkirk shall be pressed for such an occasion… twill be a bobby dazzler.

Let us drink a plenty my friends, here, you have a mere taster of what lies in our basement.

“Drink because you’re happy, never because you are miserable”.