Well January has flown on by, but was it dry? Here at Purl our Dry January promotion meant you could enjoy the swizzle without the tipple.  Featuring alongside The Boardwalk Empire TV series and the HBO UK, Purl’s mixologists made sweet music of our mocktails such as Big 7 Break and Empty Gun. Just because it was dry didn’t mean January was without fun.

Februlairy is styling with just a sweet week until Valentines Day.  Got a crush on a doll and need to avoid being a flat tire? Purl is the place to be! Our new experimental cocktails on the black board are ever so hotsy totsy. Havana Seleccion and Bicardi Heritage selection are just swell. Book your table for a ritzy date night to remember and your sweet valentine might just cash you one on the kisser.

Our exclusive San Valentine Masterclass for just 6 couples is already sold out. So sorry if you were snoozing because you’re all goofy! But our usual gin mill masterclass is still open for bookings. Learn to swirl, mix and toast in style while enjoying some of the best giggle juice in town.

In the news: Giberto our mixologist has entered the Diplomatico Competition with his “Diplomatic Gilbe” consisting of Diplomatico White, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, cream solera sherry and homemade smokey tea syrup served in a vintage water glass with caramelised dry ginger and cedro orange foam. Keep your ears peeled for more on this.

And…. wait for this all you swanky folk: Purl has been rated the #1 basement bar in the UK by Marie Claire. Aint that just nifty? So escape the cold and get down to our basement hideout.

If you love our spiffy spot, help us win the DesignMyNight awards for 2014/2015 by clicking on this link. TimeOut also thinks we’re the bee’s knees, voting Purl as one of the best places to drink Marylebone. So don’t be a palookas! Go shine your shoes and plan a date with your doll at Purl. Valentines or not, guaranteed it’ll be just the darb!

One more thing before we beat it. Don’t forget Jazz Mondays and Wednesdays at Purl. Cherisha, one of our waitresses, will not only top up your tipple, she will add sweet honey to the mix as she joins the band to serenade. It’s the berries I say, and how!