How are we Londoners? I hope well… nothing a little snecklifter can’t remedy I’m sure.

Can we all see the summer slowly starting to slip away from us, last week was perfect storm-esque at times, mac in one hand, tank suit in the other…

August has begun and in fact well underway.

As per, the chaps and I have been shaking, throwing, stirring and fizzing all sorts of neck oil.

We have a new cocktail of the month to be supped, ‘Robana Formula’ a delicate twist on a ‘Rob roy’ a Chivas 12yr base stirred down with manzanilla sherry and antica formula reduced with bananas. Not to forget the homemade salt caramel nest and banana foam that comes on the side… just spiffy eh.

This month will shall bare witness once again for the second rendition of the Frenchman’s evening “Our Treasure”.

After a very successful first run, now for the difficult second album *throws a wink to Remi.

If you haven’t already booked… do so with haste.

There will be a special Germain masterclass from 14:30 – 16:30, with an incontrovertible price of one hundred and twenty shillings (£25pp), it would be absurd for one to not engage in such activities.

The evening will boast such tipples as ‘a rested negroni’ a rather lavish concoction of the classic ‘B&B’ (Brandy and Benedictine) for the less experienced quaffer.

So, a very bustling weekend ahead of us, I implore you chaps to visit our juice joint this coming Sunday. Twill be a very elegant blood good ‘ol knees up.


As well as a very cultivated frolick from the Frenchman.

With that, a toast….

“Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”

–Ogden Nash