My better half and I are continuously looking to do the finer things in life and experience the world together. We have accrued a hefty list of experiences in our two short years together. Having drinks at Purl has joined the ranks as our favorite London Bar experience.

Last Friday night, we ate at our favorite London restaurant, Burger & Lobster, and followed the meal with one of the most wonderfully unique experiences we have ever indulged in. A trip down the stairs into the hidden-in-plain-sight basement bar Purl sent myself (as well as all my senses) back in time to Prohibition era America. As my eyes adjusted to the lighting I was taken aback by how intimate and relaxed it felt. The atmosphere totally made the experience an unforgettable one. Our reservation was made for two hours in the drinking area from 10 pm to 12pm, which are highly recommended on weekends for good reason.

Purl London fitfabandforeign

Our sharply dressed waiter sat us down in two huge yet incredibly comfortable leather chairs by a fireplace. In the fireplace sat several candles, leaving the dimly lit table perfect for private and cozy conversation. This place is absolutely perfect for a first date, might I add! Again, the atmosphere hit the mark and added a tremendous amount of charm. The bartenders wore a vintage style getup complete with bow ties and vests which seemed to perfectly fit in with the swing music playing throughout the bar. When certain songs came on, they would all sing and dance together as if they were the happiest people alive. It really made the experience special for all involved. They really catered to our experience and went above and beyond our greatest expectations. Every time they brought us a new drink to experience, the bartender would explain the best way to consume it!


The menu boasts tons of unique ingredients (like balsamic vinegar!) with even more unique names. You can check out the some of the crafted concoctions below.



Purl20 (1)


The drinks are skillfully concocted with care and precision by the expert mixologist-turned-alchemist bartenders. They expertly and dramatically shake the drinks and prepare the cocktails as if it’s a West End Show solely meant to entertain the guests. It’s almost more fun to watch the creation of the cocktail than it is to drink them. One thing Purl really gets right is the presentation. Some drinks loudly ‘Pop!’ and some flow out of cauldrons with dry ice smothering the table. Some drinks are even served with tiny complementing edibles, like a tiny macaron or a tiny frozen yogurt.


I would rate this bar as a must-see in London. In fact, I don’t plan to go to London again without visiting Purl London for another round of interesting cocktails. My recommended drink is ‘The Photograph’ for taste and ‘The Twin’ for the amazing fro-yo! Seriously, go to Purl!


Where to find it:

Reservations (highly recommended) can be made on their Facebook Page or website

Location: 50/54 Blandford Street, London, W1U7HX

the twin fitfabandforeign purl london

Published in May 2016. To see original article click here.


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