Purl first opened its doors in Marylebone in May 2010

The word purl refers to an old English drink consisting of warm ale, gin, wormwood and spices.

“The aim of the bar was to bring classic cocktails back to the forefront of London’s drinking scene, whilst adding new flare and creativity to forgotten libations from the prohibition era.”
- Bryan Pietersen -

Purl soon became recognised for its innovative approach to mixed drinks, that utilised culinary techniques to aid in the story of each and every cocktail on its list.

Today, we continue to imagine drinks that satisfy on a multi-sensory level, using aroma, fogs, airs, foams, food, bespoke serviceware and liquid nitrogen to bring the drink to life and transport the guest to another place or time.

We tend to play contemporary music with a lean towards swing/jazz/blues/funk. We have live jazz music on a Friday night.

In addition to our rather tasty cocktail selection we serve three flavours of wine – red, white and pink. We also have a nice selection of craft beers and a few bites to eat.