With the most beautifully lit cavernous venue, white sofas tucked into alcoves and cubby holes, Purl is a place to behold and take a date that you hope to go out with more than once. And their cocktails, in my humble opinion, come second to none. These wondrous concoctions include balloons, dry ice, fish bowls with brass taps and the most splendorous flavours ever to grace your tongue. The menu changes regularly, but just one example of the offerings here: a whiskey cocktail which came in a tall thin bottle – half was poured into a glass, the rest left in the bottle and plunged into a bucket of dry ice. The first half of the cocktail was delicious, but when we got around to the second half, the dry ice had smoked the mixture and it was an entirely different drink. Beat that.


As featured in This Little Piggy Went To London in September 2015.