Purl, a cocktail bar in London, surprised us with well tasting cocktails with some very unusual presentations. Presentations like a detonating garnish, an elixir with aromatic mist which got smokier during drinking or cocktail with a nitro chilled crumble as a snack. One cocktail, which was a favorite, had some powdered nutella on the side. I’ve read about Nutella powder a while ago and didn’t think it would have as much impact on me as it did. Nutella, a chocolate paste, in powdered form sounded like a treat, but nothing as good as this. The flavour profile changed as the texture changed from crumbly to liquid in my mouth. Combining the powder with a cocktail made with Bacardi Carta Blanca, Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Sherry and a blackberry shrub as a sour was a stroke of brilliance by the gents at Purl. The cocktail was very nice on it’s own, but the combination with the Nutella powder made for a great flavour sensation. Here both elements became more than the sum of their parts making this cocktail one of the best I’ve tasted in a while. Thanks & nicely done!

See the original article as published on Cocktail Professor in July 2015 here!