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Exploding balloons, creme brûlée and a whole load of smoke. It can only mean one thing…

Yep you guessed it… tennis. 

Only jeffing. We’re talking about London’s most innovative cocktails at Marylebone’s smouldering speakeasy bar, PURL.  

We popped along to PURL at 4pm a few weeks back. Daytime drinking you say!? Not at all like us at all! Honest (hic). 

It has an air of prohibition glamour about it: moody lighting, old furniture, jazz. An eclectic collection of mugs, glasses and vessels frame the bar like a proscenium arch enticing you to watch the theatre and magic of the cocktail creations. And it didn’t disappoint. 

Mr Hyde £13
Diplomatico Anejo Rum, Havana Club 7yo Rum Purl’s
falernum, vanilla, orange, apple wood smoke, Purl’s

We have been to numerous cocktail bars over the years but we’ve never experienced something so experimental and thrilling. Of course drinking the potions (like Mr Hyde above) was a taste sensation, but the joy of watching how they were created was what made it a real experience. 

 My favourite of the night (day)was probably the Purl’s Spritz. A red wine spritz with Vodka, Fiorente elderflower, orange & mandarin. A little like sangria with an explosive twist. It was served in a huge glass sphere, spilling with smoke. We drank it through a very ornate metal straw. Our barman/alchemist/magician then made the suggestion we smoke the dry ice. Now, I’m no smoker, and of course I spluttered when I gave it a go, but there’s no sensation I’ve felt like it. I tingled, I felt calm and yet a little bit naughty. Who needs weed when you can smoke dry ice!? Please don’t start smoking dry ice. 

Cerez Joker £13
Konik’s Tail Vodka, Cherry Marnier, Krupnik, honey, lemon,
detonated orange.

The Cerez Joker is described as having “detonated orange”. Fortunately no oranges were harmed in the making; it wasn’t like when you’re 9 and you stick bangers in cowpats. Instead of burning orange peel to create an enticing aroma, the magician (I’m calling the barman a magician from now on) spritzed a balloon with orange essential oil and then began to “detonate” it with a blow torch. Lo and behold and amazing orange smell and a few bits of balloon in your hair.

Marsh and Mallows £12
Kaffir Lime infused El Dorado 3yo Rum, pama pomegranate, Wrey & Nephew, lime, Purl’s grenadine,

PURL really adopts that speakeasy feel. On Wednesday nights they have a live jazz band in their back room. Space is limited so it’s best to book before you go. On weekends there is usually a queue out the door, and now we are apparently in winter in September you don’t want to be caught out in the cold. 

You can find PURL at 50/54 Blandford Street, London. Visit their website here.

Smokey Catalana £13
Chivas 12yo Whisky, Ardberg 10yo, muscovado, lemon,
chocolate, cheesecake.

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  1. Ella October 12, 2017 at 10:03 am - Reply

    Oooooh I visited a while back with my friend who’s a cocktail waitress and somewhat of a cocktail connoisseur and we LOVED Purl! There are so many cocktail venues in London that the level of choice can sometimes put you off going somewhere new. We’re so glad we did!

    • Justine Pietersen October 12, 2017 at 1:27 pm - Reply

      Thanks Ella, great to hear you enjoyed and we hope you will be back soon!

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