Can you keep a secret? 10 of the best speakeasy bars to visit right now!

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Best Speakeasy Bars

Once upon a time, America banned the consumption of alcohol. Needless to say, this resulted in a lot of erratic behaviour, like people making whisky in their bathtubs. Having said that, it also resulted in the birth of the speakeasy; an illicit establishment selling booze to the public. Believe it or not, the UK has its own collection of speakeasies, and we got in contact with DesignMyNight to give us their top 10…

Purl – London
Strictly sticking to all things 19th century, Purl near Bond Street plucked its name from a well-known drink that was once secretly sold on the streets of London. Regarded as one of London’s top speakeasies, this classy joint has a broody atmosphere and a bookings only policy, giving your drinking experience an air of exclusivity. Their plush 1920’s interior and seasonal cocktail menu are guaranteed to have you strutting back time, and time again.


Best Speakeasy Bars - Purl

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