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Meet Rafaela – Bartender

Raphaela bartender

Purl would not function if it were not for the incredible team we have behind the bar. Rafaela, originally from Portugal, started at Purl in September 2016, as a waitress but when she started to learn about bar tendering she moved to bar back and swiftly made her way up bartender.


When did you start working in hospitality?
I started to work in hospitality 4 years ago when I finished school in Portugal.

Why did youchoose this career?

I decided to do an internship at a resort and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been working in this industry ever since.

What do you like about working behind the bar?
I’ve worked in a bar for about a year now so because I’m still learning, everything is very exciting and new to me. I enjoy learning about new drinks, new spirits and new trends in the industry.

Favourite cocktails?
I’ve always been a big fan of an Old Fashioned. At the moment, as I have started to enjoy more bitter drinks, I usually go for a Boulevardier.

Favourite cocktail tool?
One of my favourite tools is the bar spoon, I guess that’s why I really like to stir a cocktail.



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